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14-Nov-2019 00:21

I honestly feel it is an HONOR to own a Verragio and I am so proud!!

It looks just as beautiful in person and the Lumina Setting makes it so sparkly!

I finally found the Venetian-5012-3 which is the perfect ring.

It's so simple but it's got such beauty that it makes me squeal every time I see it.

Thank you for a creation that will signify our love for many many years. :) Verragio is truly beautiful and what every bride should wear." "I just got engaged and my fiancé wants me to pick out my own ring and I just fell in love with Verragio's Venetian Collection.

I dont need to shop around, I already know what want . " "I purchased the Insignia-7023 a few months ago and will be asking my girlfriend to marry me in just a couple of weeks.

Thank you very much for creating this amazing ring for me!