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15-Jul-2020 15:08

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This apparently opens a recent apps or views list.... the photo gallery was open last with 2 dick pics sent to her at like 3 am....The first with just the dick out, and the second with the guy fully naked waist down. In the bathroom, he took down a rubber hot water bottle with a tip and filled it with warm water, then rinse the tip smeared with Vaseline and inserted it into my ass. It always amazed her beauty extraordinarily feminine body, its mature appeal. For this noise I did not hear, as one man said something different. Through mother-forgotten, slightly opened the bathroom door, where she washed at this time, he sometimes could not see how it washes.She admitted the 'affair' if you want to call it that had been going on for months.After some apologies and her saying there was no excuse....We've got an apartment and 2 dogs that we've had for years.

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Next, she tried to claim that it was because she was lonely and finally had someone else paying attention to her. I shut that down quickly too because a full time job is not 'too much', and she interacts with lots of other people.

Now she's crying alot, and I think it's sinking in how bad she fucked up.

I'm still sick, so trying to get better as well now, but this isn't going to help.

She said that she didn't expect the sexual stuff to happen, and she's sorry that she let it go this far.

I told her that was bullshit and she shouldn't have ever let it begin....

She directed my head with his hands, leading her across the crotch.