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The Mech designs have a little Iron Giant, and a little Iron Man in them. Stanford Yu is a janitor at the mech cadet school who accidentally bonds with a giant alien robot.The balloons showing the faces of the Mech cadets inside their Mechs while the action is going on is a nice touch, a good way to convey emotion when giant robots are fighting equally giant monsters. Now he has to learn to work with his team to defeat giant crab kaiju called the Sharg.Stanford has the opportunity of a lifetime but he'll first have to earn the trust of his classmates if he's to defend the planet from the monstrous Sharg.

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The art is bright and colorful, everything you could want in a series like this. The issues-to-be-addressed in terms of important life lessons for kids were awfully obvious.

A young boy gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he bonds with a giant sentient robot and joins the ranks of the illustrious Sky Corps Academy to protect the world from alien threats.

Every year, giant sentient robots from outer space come to Earth and bond forever with a brand new crop of cadets at Sky Corps Academy to help keep the planet safe.

The fir Mech Cadet Yu is an enjoyable though predictable take on the classic story of a young boy and his robot.

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The first volume follows a typical hero's journey - young Stanford Yu dreams of being a cadet, though he and his mom are the janitors of the school (but shouldn't he be *in* school?Hell, I've still got Voltron and a Shogun Warrior on a shelf in my basement.