Adult chats with no credit card needed quicken bank of america not updating

23-Sep-2020 02:57

I met him by his friend request on Facebook, which I eventually accepted.

He began communicating through messenger, but kept pressing me to give him my regular text message number or my email address.

I told him I want to video chat him several times now before we meet cos I want to know if I actually chatting to the right person or not? He say that I am an he wants to meet for real..of me say he sound genuine but other part saying no he's a scam! But I do have his contact details an phone number which he gave me...could he be a scam or not?? THE ARE CALLING MY JOB AND TIEING UP ALL OF MY WORK LINES. IAM JUST GONNA GET THE CARDS SO THEY CAN STOP CALLING ME HARRASING ME.

It's a hard one...least if he's scamming me I do have his details an can report it. ITS REALLY STRESSING ME OUT AND EMBARASSING I knew who he is .his full name is fake and that scammer he has few fake names are robert, fraser , alvin long time ago .. cuz lots people used their ## are from online callings not real phones,!!

The only place to use an i Tunes card is at the i Tunes store, to buy online music, apps or books.

This guy tells me he needs i Tunes card to have enough data to keep in touch with me.

" Ive not answered this person , but she is getting a bit pushy... I met a guy on find a millionaire dating site an claims he is a international police officer in Indianapolis.

He claims that he has two children and that he is a widow, and his sister is raising his children while he is stationed at a military camp up in Ohio. He added her on Facebook and is no longer on her page same situation widowed with two adult daughters. He also is currently not in the country needs the i Tune cards to call her.All we have is a first name of Chis You can't use an i Tunes card to make phone calls.