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17-Jul-2020 18:40

Under O’Loughlin’s thoughtful direction, Danny’s storyline was both an interesting glimpse into his past.

It also dramatically highlighted the issue of domestic violence– which sadly effects not only women and families, but is the most dangerous problem police officers deal with on a daily basis.

After eight seasons of “Hawaii Five-0,” it is always a treat when one of their own directs an episode.

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We already knew that she had re-ended him with her car and that’s how they started dating, but knowing that they met just after Brooke tells him she is going to move away from New Jersey was a new window into his past.

Scott Caan played Danny as a younger police officer in flashbacks to 1998 when he was a uniformed New Jersey police officer.

He and his veteran partner, Officer Pete Evans (David Stanley), answer a domestic violence call where Danny meets Brooke Gardner (Joanna Christie) and her abusive husband Ray Gardner (Daniel Kaemon).

It seems that whoever really killed Hideki, left their DNA on the body, and when it was analyzed by the crime lab, Adam shared too many markers with the sample to deny a family connection.

Whatever happens to Adam and his investigation into the Yakuza, we only hope that he can come out alive.Written by David Wolkove and Matt Wheeler, the storylines were respectful of each individual character, and helped to answer a few questions that have stumped viewers this season.

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