Antedating crossword puzzle clue

08-Mar-2020 11:13

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It is a part of the standard drum kit used by drummers in many styles of music including rock, pop, and blues. I mean, not that it means that much anymore now that I'm just sort of living my life rather than being on summer vacation.

Hi-hats consist of a matching pair of small to medium-sized cymbals mounted on a stand, with the two cymbals facing each other. Also my summer job got extended through September, which is amazing because honestly I really really love working in this library. This has been one of my favorite Mondays in awhile!

The great CSS Grid Garden tutorial inspired me to build something with Grid Layout features.

I wondered if these features could be put to good use in building a crossword puzzle — then I thought, let’s try to create the whole thing without using Java Script.

I’ve separated it out in the code block below: , as the pseudo-class selector snippet above demonstrates.

This technique is repeated for each “word” group of input elements.

Or maybe it's just that rewatching a movie that somehow pulls off "British chickens wearing women's accessories, aware of the grisly fate that awaits them, team up with an American rooster conman who pretends to teach them to fly but ends up building a working plane"-- and pulls it off perfectly and hilariously--shaped me into the lover of B-movies and anything else with a buckwild plotline that I am today.

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Like, a scavenger hunt that leads you from crime to crime but ends you in jail? The VHS tape of that movie lived on the TV stand so I could replay it over and over again, proving that I've had amazing taste since childhood.

Start by choosing which date’s crossword you would like to play.