Are jeremy sumpter and rachel hurd wood dating

05-Oct-2020 22:10

6' 1" is generous when you consider that he had his big growth spurt during Peter Pan.

Plus, he is nearly 17 now and isn't likely to grow much more.

I saw the name and I simply KNEW I had seen him in something other than what is mentioned above.

It's a 2001 film called 'Frailty' and Jeremy plays a son of a bitter and twisted, violent and angry father, played by an impressive Matthew Mc Connaughey. said on 9/May/11katie is 5'10 and jeremy is 16 at the time of that picture, they look same height so he was 5'10 at 16 and probably growed slowly after that since he already grew like 8 inches round 14. Jeremy is standing his full height in that photo whilst Katie is slouching a little with her head tilted at an angle.

Sumpter's first movie role was in the 2001 film Frailty as the young Adam Mieks seen in flashbacks.

Sumpter received a Saturn Award nomination for "Best Performance by a Younger Actor" for his performance.

The film is well worth seeing, but it shows Jeremy as a 12-year-old, so if you're interested purely in the Sumpter height, something more up-to-date is called for! said on 14/Aug/[email protected] I think in some cases they put the height from when they were like 16 on their website and then simply forget to update it for a while. so 5'11 sounds right said on 25/Feb/09how do you grow 8 inches in a few months that is alot its like shockingi've never seen anyone grow that much in a few monthsbut nevertheless you grow 11 inches during puberty and it appears that 5'0 is exactly when he started so he should be 5'11 as a final height said on 23/Feb/09MIKOin many different pics of him i would say he is more around 5'11 like if you look in the pic with him chris lloyd theres a pic i put down a few comments down he looks a lil bit shorter then a legit 6'0 guyand if you go on robs page there is a pic of him i also put up with him and 6'0 dean cain and he only looks like 5'10 1/4 to 5'10 1/2 and this was taken when he was 19 said on 10/Feb/09His 6"2 claim is one of the most ridiculous ever on this site. If she stood up straight it looks like she would be taller than him.

I would be suprised if she's not a 1/2 inch shorter than him - tops. He's been listed at that height for a year now, and if he was going to grow more, he would be 6' 0.5" or 6' 1" by now.said on 17/Dec/07Katie shouldnt of tilted her head, if she didnt she would be the same heights as him.i know i already said that but someone decided to make a big post and no one wouldve read mine. said on 12/Dec/07Glenn and Rob, I do agree but nobody didn't say anthing perverted or vulgar at least.