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22-Oct-2019 18:31

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Now with over 180 metro stations in Moscow and more planned, the Moscow Metro is one of the most heavily used systems in the world, moving more than nine million people per day.The initial metro stations were built by forced soviet labour.Tradition states it is good luck to rub the nose of the dog depicted in one sculpture and as if by reflex, we barely noticed anyone who failed to do so as they passed.A favourite, this station was named after the nearby electric light bulb factory.By far the fanciest of all the stations, Komsomolskaya is more like a grand ballroom than a train station.Opened in 1952 as part of the second stage Metro expansion, this baroque masterpiece honours the memory of Nevsky, Donskoy and other great military leaders in the ornately gilded mosaics on the ceilings and walls.The concept was to make a ceiling covered with six rows of circular incandescent lamps- 318 in total.

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We have marvelled at the modern efficiency of some rail systems, especially in Asia.

Revolution Square is one of the most famous stations and one of the closest stations to Red Square.

Easily one of the most impressive, it is lined with life-size bronze sculptures depicting the people of the Soviet Union; workers, peasants, soldiers, artists and children – 72 in total.

We have discovered first class can be anything but classy and navigated our way through some of the dirtiest and some of the cleanest train systems the world has to offer.

However, we have never come across anything as impressive as the Moscow Metro stations.

Stalin had the vision to create a Metro system that would resemble “People’s Palaces”.