Avira is not updating

18-Jul-2020 13:17

avira is not updating-47

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Avira is a well known company from Germany that creates very good antivirus software.

It used to be the most downloaded software on CNET but unfortunately it is no longer listed in the top 20 downloads today.

I've been a big proponent of Avira within our company, but I think that may change when it comes time to renew our license in a few months.

"We contacted all of our users to let them know about our fix to the Pro Activ situation this morning," Avira COO Travis Witteveen said in a statement.

We have 100 centrally managed users at this site alone, and a dozen users we support on the road. Some users managed to log in, but they could not open Outlook, Excel, or any other apps, due to them being blocked by Pro-Activ.

We quickly informed all users not to reboot, but most had done so already, or ignored our advisory.

Your Avira products should now be functioning normally.

Issue details: On May 14 and 15, 2012, following the release of Service Pack 0 (SP0) for Avira Version 2012, the Pro Activ feature blocked legitimate Windows applications on customers’ PCs.Just in case I used the Avira Removal tool available from their website as well as registry cleaner.