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23-Oct-2020 20:22

Eurocrew is the initiative, which appeared in European maritime human resources sector in 2010.Eurocrew Association has been registered in one of the biggest European ports – Gdynia.Securing jobs and promoting European maritime manpower either male or female that will go along with the favourable EU legislation, improvement of human resource management techniques, setting proper rules of professional ethics in our business sector are the main objective defined by our Statute.We do not set political borders as there are no borders at Sea, especially in Europe where maxim “navigare necesse est” was defined by ancient seafarers.When the historical development of the Turkish Bookbinding Art, which dates back to centuries, is examined; it is seen that classical Turkish bookbindings ere dominated by sun techniques and sun motifs in various styles and these ornaments represent the characteristic feature of Turkish Bookbinding Art.

Have you ever wondered what the oldest illustration of a circumcision looked like? A bas-relief—a type of sculptural technique in which the sculpted elements remain attached to their background—dating back to 2,400 BCE and depicting two men being circumcised was found in an Egyptian tomb built for Ankhmahor, a high-ranking official during the sixth dynasty of Egypt.In a time when the textile market is overburdened with products, we distinguished ourselves by having a great sense of quality.