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15-Apr-2020 17:44

I quickly changed the status to offline, closed the app, and shut down the tablet. I then sent a text to my sister letting her know that no, her dead grandmother was not using Facebook in Heaven.(I like to post memes on my “stories” — a social media picture post that only lasts 24 hours.

One such recent post references figuring out why my head hurts — “caffeine, my ponytail, sleep deprivation, a brain tumor? Day one, Monday:)(I showed my husband what I’d missed out on and he laughed.

I know it’s not her because I haven’t spoken to her in five years, because her style of talking isn’t anything like her, and because of common sense.

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Whats App’s ubiquitous presence on Brazilian smartphones also led one of the country’s carriers, TIM, to offer a zero-rating plan that does not charge subscribers for the usage of the messaging app.

The carrier also recently announced that all of their post paid plans would allow free use of Whats App.