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Sometime over the intervening span of time they'd been reincarnated...and just in time for them to be available to smack down Jadeite's swollen ego.Ranma had intended, upon this discovery, to quietly return to the Dark Kingdom and have his apparent age modified somewhat... Unfortunately, it hadn't been long after his discovery that he'd been discovered himself."I'm on vacation." Ranma lied carefully, hoping that would pass muster."'On vacation'... rather than thinking of the kid as just another hooky-player, he was now mentally reclassified as a spoiled VIP. I simply had not expected the arrival of a , of all things. I shall destroy her should she interfere with my plans again, and they shall continue unabated.""Perhaps. why I should suffer a failure to live."The general took a deep breath and carefully presented his secret weapon."Because, my Queen, there have been notable advancements in the confectionary industries since last we walked the earth."The stage prop floating between Beryl's hands wobbled for a moment before she could bring it back under control."I, myself, had begun to forget the taste of processed cacao, mingled with milk-butters and sugar. Please note that they do not respond well to taunting, implyed threats, actual threats, jests about their names, idle chit-chat, attempted violence upon either themselves or my person, insolence, or blatant disrespect.That sort of thing demanded entirely different measures."Forgive me if I've interrupted your vacation, but if you would be so good as to come with me? These particular delights are wrapped around a small piece of fruit, marinaded in an exceptionally sweet wine and floating in a thick, heavy sugar-cream of some sort. "He could already see the students drawing incorrect conclusions about a great number of things, but mainly about his youma's names. Sandstone..." He pointed her out, then swung his finger in the direction of the other. I advise you on this matter for the sake of your health, and appreciate your understanding."He could already see the foolish children dismissing his warning. he'd have to make sure his servants were aware that there would be no killing."Hmm..."One thing we do know is that scientists are becoming increasingly concerned by recent studies which show alarming effects on wildlife and human cells.Many scientists believe that chronic low level exposure to these drugs and other toxins, could be subtly bringing on allergies, causing nerve damage, HAMPERING FERTILITY AND DEVELOPMENT, damaging the brain and CHANGING BEHAVIOR, causing cancer and a multitude of other problems and diseases." (NOTE: So you've got boys growing breasts, an increasing gay population, and some sub-populations have practically stopped having male births compared to female births.

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a reply to: grainofsand My personal thoughts on that is that Feminism is a convenient scapegoat for those who simply don't want to pursue an active love life.

a reply to: Scientific Railgun Everybody wants a scapegoat lol, but as a man I can't stand by and watch lame excuses from cave-dwelling blokes who blame women as a group for their personal problems.