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10-Jul-2020 04:50

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Ever asked yourself the question “where are all the good MEN? WRONG There are plenty of great men still available and single! It would be great if every guy took a course in what to do and how to do it, but men can be stubborn and like to figure things out the hard way, after all, you LOVE this about them. Have you ever sat there and gave a man ALL THE SIGNS IN THE BOOK, only to have him ignore you and not pick up on your subtle clues? Women are now starting to take more initiative and actually APPROACH guys on their own.

Lots of women have a problem with this, they let guys walk all over them and use them, only to end up getting burned, even CHEATED on. A lot of women will go from relationship to relationship purposely finding flaws with a perfectly good man, why?

This can intimidate men and makes you look like you’re coming on too strong.

You can actually be too aggressive in your approach to men and this is a bad thing. I’m all for the independent strong women, but not the ones who want to be in control.

Women create the illusion of their man being absolutely perfect, and when they find a flaw, they run. Chances are, if you do successfully change him, you wont be interested in him anymore.

Nothing is perfect, it takes give and take to make a relationship work, and you BOTH must train yourselves to be lovers. But if you go for the guy who needs a lot of fixing, chances are you wont get any results.If so…then you likely are with a man who doesn’t have much of an emotional “center” to keep him calm and present with you even when emotions run hot. A mature man needs to be a source of support and masculine stability in your relationship.