Corporate dating policy

10-Jul-2020 18:54

For questions or additional information, contact the Policy Office at Policy [email protected] call (208) 426-3098.

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When deciding what type of policy to institute, make sure you: 1) weigh the pros and cons; 2) have a legitimate business need for the policy; 3) keep all related information confidential; and 4) share an employee’s personal information only with those who have a legitimate need to know.Through policies, Boise State articulates the expectations of individuals, promotes efficiency, supports compliance with laws and regulations, and ensures the execution of the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.The Policy Office coordinates the editing, review, issuance, and archiving of all official University policies.For example, if you demote the subordinate employee, and that employee happens to be female, you could wind up with a sex discrimination claim on your hands. What considerations should an employer take into account before disciplining an employee under its no-dating policy?

One way you can avoid such trouble is to tell the two employees that their seeing each other while working in the same department is unacceptable and that one of them will have to be moved to another department. Policies that impinge on employees’ private lives always carry legal risks, including discrimination and invasion of privacy claims.

Though traditionally maligned for reasons I’m about to get into, office romance can be beneficial for businesses. Lane III, author of , sees employee dating as a way to increase employee engagement.

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