Dating a blue collar worker

15-Oct-2020 09:01

Clothing is Functional Above all else, the blue collar man’s clothing does its job.

His boots protect his toes and keep him steady on oily ground; his shirt covers his forearms from sparks; his head-wear shields him from the sun. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most expensive pair of boots out there; it means understanding what your needs are and buying the item which will protect you even if it means purchasing it at full price.

Another option is to darken-up the colors you wear–not only will these darker colors be more resistant to stains, but darker colors are more formal and paired with medium colored cotton work shirts or dress shirts will give you a more streamlined look.

Not exactly work pants, grey flannel trousers are a durable wool napped weave that is a viable option for the man who needs trousers dressier than jeans but is tired of cotton chinos.

My favorite brands are Carhartt, Levis, Lee, and Wrangler.

Avoid anything worn or stonewashed; this isn’t 1985, and if you need someone else to wear out your jeans you’re reading the wrong article!

A clean presentation is about pride in oneself and a show of discipline.

To minimize the amount of cleaning necessary, utilize a protective uniform or clothing specifically designed to cover you.

Finding a pair of jeans that are value priced, look respectable, and serve their purpose as work-wear is harder in 2011 than it was in 1911!

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When selecting jeans, it’s best to opt for dark indigo or black.Make use of that shower at work and pay special attention to the cleaning and conditioning of your skin if you need to use harsh soaps. Work Boots Long before mass manufactured shoes were common, boots were the footwear of choice.

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