Dating a french man

28-Mar-2020 06:01

My parents wouldn’t let any boys anywhere near my room, the lights in the basement were always on when they were over, and my little sister often came downstairs to check on me if there was any one-on-one time going on.

I should add that my parents were considered super chill.

7 | Tardy To The Party France is without a doubt a time-flexible culture.

You quickly learn living here that if you’re invited to someone’s house at pm, it’s pretty rude to show up at pm.

This means most Frenchmen have at least spent some time devouring pizza in Italy or throwing back beer in Belgium.

A year abroad is also compulsory for many top schools in France, so they often have an experience living abroad too.

Beware, that this doesn’t mean that the “relationship” will last very long. But don’t wait for him to ask you to be his “copine.” It’s just an accepted thing as soon as you’re swapping spit when the sun is out. My grandmother would not be able to handle the shock.

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I put on makeup for myself now and that feels pretty damn good.

So, even if it was all in good fun, I got multiple comments about what we think are the positive points of dating a Frenchman.

I clearly married Robin in all his fabulous Frenchness, so while I could list hundreds of positive reasons, I’ll stick to 8 so you don’t conk out mid article :p 1 | Players Gonna Play I’m not a game player.

They recognize the best sides of what France has to offer and also the less appealing sides. And it challenges you to do the same about your home.

(cough, cough, US consumerism) 6 | Free & Flawless The French take the old Maybelline slogan, “Maybe she’s born with, or maybbbbbeeee it’s Maybelline,” real seriously. That’s not to say US guys expect you to put your full face on every day, but I’ve heard multiple French guys criticize women for being too made up, but never for not putting in enough effort.

One of these things happens to be a favorite of mine: ordering those deliciously, girly, sugar induced cocktails.