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15-Oct-2019 02:22

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I met my wife in school and I tutored her in mathematics.Dating someone that I tutored was something that I didn’t do. As for my wife, I will use the name Allison instead of her real name (privacy issues). Sometimes we would eat lunch together and at other times I would walk her to class. We found that we enjoyed spending time together, we became good friends and we started dating.In the late ’60s, we had the film exploring fundamentalist Mormon polygamy in Utah on cable.

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I can understand philosophically what is being said, but we never lived together so I don’t have any practical experience that I could share.I assume by intimate the OP is actually referring sex.I’m suggesting this because different cultures will bring their own mores and expectations to relationships, which means that they can bring their own ideas when it comes to meaning of intimacy. I didn’t consider a date with a girl a failure because we didn’t have sex.Having a solid sex life is quite important throughout a marriage, but it should not be the primary focus.

We simply took a path that provided a solid foundation where our relationship has flourished over 43 years.

Rolling over and ignoring problems is never an option.

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