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The locker room has a heated tile floor and two showers for playing and/or cleaning up. Each one has a closing door, and if the door is closed, you are not allowed to open it.

If the door is open, you can watch and even ask to join.

It can be a fairly tame way to explore exhibitionism and voyeurism with one or more partners.

Farther back are some seating areas for eating, as well as a locker room to leave purses and other personal items.

) We know many of the other regular patrons and pretty much always enjoy the sexy vibe and dirty fun that goes down there.

You may think that if you are over 50 then it is too late to meet someone special and fall in love again. You already know all your friends and the last singles you were introduced to were from a different planet. We've put together a few tips for you to get you started.

Every space is a play space (except for the buffet and dance floor), as long as you use towels or sheets underneath you.

You must clean up your space by putting your linens in a hamper, and staff or volunteers come after you to disinfect any mattresses or surfaces and provide clean linens for the next guests.

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The second floor ends about halfway across the bottom floor, so the people-watching from the second-floor railing is quite fun and entertaining.

They have dinner in the first part of the evening, bring out cookies at midnight and trade the dinner out for breakfast at a.m.