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Military Operations of 1812— Attitude of the Iroquois— Preparations for Invading Canada 100, 101 CHAPTER XX. On the 12th he en- tered the river which bears his name, and ascended it to a point a little above where the city of Hudson now stands, having been frequently visited on the way by the Indians, who came to traffic, bringing maize, tobacco and other products native to the country. Pioneer Experiences— Emigrating, Buildinfc ftnd Clearing— Frontier Work and Play 92-96 TABLE OF CONTENTS. Pioneer Farming— First Schools and Teachers, Meetings and Preach- ers— Tie Puh Uc Health 96-100 CHAPTEE XIX. From here he proceeded up New York Bay, sending his boats to the Jersey shore and receiving on board the natives, who came in great numbers to traffic.

The Rise and Development of the Great Fruit-Growing Interest of Niagara County 127, 123 CHAPTER XXX. Hence three nations, Holland, France and England, found- ing their titles upon discovery, claimed ownership in a region a part of which lies within the limits of the State of New York.

It may be noticed that the present geographical names are often used in the following pages as though dating from the earliest times. The Settlement of the Town— Pioneers and Burly Events— Incidenls During and Aftor the War of 1312— Facts and Statistics— Ran- som ville-Touogstown -Sketches of Proniineiit Residents and Pioneers 332-347 THb; l OVVN OF ROVALTON. C , Somerset .^.following Sd G Hyde, William H., Residence, Somerset following 368 Jackson, James, Jr., Residence, Lockport following 226 Jackson, James, Jr., & Son, Lumber Works, Lockport following 226 Jail and Court-House, Lockport preceding 165 Journal Building, Lockport fo Unwing 174 Judd, G. The charge of the province had been assigned to the Amsterdam chamber, which sent out a vessel in 1623, under the direction of Captain May and Adrien Joriszen Tienpont, with thirty families for colonization.

One who reads of events as transpiring in the town of Cambria which occurred long before a town of Cambria was thought of, will readily understand that the present name is used to avoid the needless circumlocution involved in repeating " what is now the town of Cambria," etc. Settlement— Pioneer House-Building— Trails and Roads— Early Tav- erns—First Schools— Course of Trade and Manufacture— Profes- Hional Men— Post- offices— First Birth, Marriage and Death— Asso- ciations and Lodges— Wolcottsvilla— Royaltoo Center— Orangeport — Giisport- Reynale's Basin — Middleport- The Churches — Bio- graphical Sketches of Prominent Residents 348-361 THE TOWN OF SOMERSET. L., Tonawanda following 38U Keck, Andrew, Residence, Lockport following 2IS Knapp, Dr. L., Residence, Gasport preceding 359 Knapp, Silas, Farm Residence, Royalton following 360 Kyte, Francis, Porter following 362 Labar, J. A portion of these settled on the Connecticut river, and others as far up the Hudson as the present city of Albany, where they built Fort Orange.

The Holland Purchase and Purchasers- Surveys, Sales and First Set- tlements Sy-92 CHAPTEtd XVII. From this point he returned northward, discovered and entered Delaware Bay, and on the 3rd of September anchored at Sandy Hook.

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The Title to the Soil of Western New York— Phelps and Gorham's Purchase— Morris' Reserve 86-89 CHAPTER XVI. Pc Ut, Porter following 341 Ward, X C Wilson pieceding 393 Ward. He left Amster- dam on the 4th of April with a small ship and a crew of about twenty English and Dutch sailors, and arrived on the American coast near Portland, in Maine, whence he proceeded south along the shore to the entrance of Ches- apeake Bay.

The Devil's Hole Massacre— The Senecas Cede the Niagara Border to the English 79.81 CHAPTER XIII. Turn- ing north, he explored the coast to about 41" north lati- tude, and entered a harbor, which, from his description, is believed to have been New York Bay, where he remain- ed about fifteen days, and it is supposed that his crew were the first Europeans that landed on the soil of New York.

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