Dating guy different religion

12-Sep-2020 04:19

I even go to church with him because I appreciate the rich culture and history of the experience, but that’s more how I see it.

I tried to explain to him that if we’re both open minded and respectful then that’s all that matters.

Question: "Should Christians of different denominations date or marry? The Bible speaks of being "unequally yoked" (2 Corinthians ), but this only refers to believers and unbelievers.

The most important issue is whether both individuals know Jesus Christ as Savior.

I love reading all of your articles, they’re incredibly easy to relate to.

I personally am not religious but I do believe in God and believe I have a personal relationship with God and don’t necessarily believe following an organized religion is for me.

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Yet I feel like we are so far apart spiritually when we are so close in every other way. A century or two ago, most people lived in places where almost everyone around them was the same religion.

Today, we live in a global society where people commonly meet—and fall in love with—others who come from different religious backgrounds. ” But as both of you—and many others—have already discovered, it’s more complicated than that. For some couples, having different religious beliefs may be no problem at all. An interfaith wedding ceremony – Christian / Jewish " data-medium-file="

I’m willing to go to church but he needs to be understanding that I may not have the same outlook on it.

I come from a Muslim background but wasn’t raised so.

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