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12-Nov-2019 13:21

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And should you be the rare gem that doesn’t make any of these mistakes, then save a friend from collecting some serious panda points by sharing these tips with him. How do you show her that you’ve got your shit together when you aren’t jacked? If you did a presentation at your hobby club for six fellow hobbyists… If you came in at any impressive spot at whatever event… If you won anything as a kid, and you have a photo of it… This tip is easy to use, doesn’t require you to do anything, and makes her laugh!I’ll keep them short and clear, so we can move right on to the fixes. then I doubt this photo will make you look like a leader. Because a great thinker didn’t lie when he once said: So without further ado, I present to you the easiest way to make your Tinder profile more attractive: Add a meme to it.Not that it should be a secret kept in the thickest safe the world has to offer… Try different poses, different angles, different sides of your face, and maybe even different hairstyles. people will know you had yourself a little photoshoot.If you make these Tinder photoshoot mistakes, your profile will whisper in her ear: “Hey girl, you’re seeing this correctly…

Knowing your flaws will get you on the path to multiplying your matches. There are three things you’re probably doing that are slaughtering your results on Tinder right now. However, you’re overlooking two crucial points: Btw, even if your friends think they can judge your photos objectively. By making this shot black and white, it gets that perfume-ad-feel. This picture shows equal amounts of travel, adventure, art, and manliness. If you did a presentation at work for ten colleagues, then this isn’t necessarily a good photo. Then it’s time to slap yourself in the face, and grab life by the balls. But until you do, I have a Tinder picture tip for you that doesn’t require any of the above.

Then you come across a profile of a cute girl with 9 photos…