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Breeching (boys) - Custom of dressing boys in dresses until they are potty trained about the age from 2-8 years of age. The style appears to be similar to Buster Brown a shoe trademark created in 1902 by Richard Fenton Outcault, "Buster" and his dog, Tiger.

They were as famous in their time as Charlie Brown is today.

Dates in bold in the table below are to be taken as the dates of publication for each issue.

32: 39-44 (1995) explaining the publication, its printers, and the dating of each issue. Without further evidence of the actual date of distribution, it is taken here that the date of the meeting should suffice as the date of publication of this issue of the Proceedings. Editor states (in litt.) that this issue was printed in October; the receipt at the library at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, is the earliest that could be found for this issue.

Tintypes never needed to be in a case because they are really iron and called tin because tinning shears were used to cut them, it was just tradition to put photos in a case.

Soon the custom was to put them out of bulky box into envelops called a cartouche, this one is about 1861.

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Two questions on this subject: JW writes: Do you know what the value of German money dating back to 1910. In 1910 1000 Marks was a goodly sum but these were released in large numbers after WWI when they had lost much of their value.

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Knickers (knickerbockers) were worn by young boys, The knee pants were full, closed at the knee with buckles, buttons or simply cut off at the knee.This chronology consequently, is variable and by no means all-inclusive." By repeating what we see in each photograph you will develop a sense of what to look for.You will start to recognize what is the same and the differences of each decade as they overlap and drop off completely.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

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Interpreted as publication date because, apparently, issues were made available that day (see next note). Date as recorded received at the docks in Honolulu. Swezey, was on holiday for the months of June through September, 1928.