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31-Aug-2020 20:58

Keep in mind you should not share between different architectures (i.e. If you are looking for a quick solution, you can simply run a standalone webserver which other computers can use as a first mirror: . If you are already running a web server for some other purpose, you might wish to reuse that as your local repo server instead of darkhttpd.

For example, if you already serve a site with nginx, you can add an nginx server block listening on port 8080: Remember to restart nginx after making this change.

One method is to use [Options] Ignore Unowned = usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache [Pkg Ignore Unowned] alsa-utils = var/lib/alsa/asound.state bluez = var/lib/bluetooth ca-certificates = etc/ca-certificates/trust-source/* dbus = var/lib/dbus/machine-id glibc = etc/cache grub = boot/grub/* linux = boot/pacman = var/lib/pacman/local update-mime-database = usr/share/mime/magic and add this repository before the other ones (e.g. Valid extensions are or .files followed by an archive extension of .tar, gz, bz2, xz, or The file does not need to exist, but all parent directories must exist.

Use a “password” or fingerprints for your phone too.This section shows how to use shfs or SSHFS to share a package cache plus the related library-directories between multiple computers on the same local network.Keep in mind that a network shared cache can be slow depending on the file-system choice, among other factors.When in doubt, log on manually by typing what you know to be the site’s URL into your browser window. The best password in the world might not do you any good if someone is looking over your shoulder while you type or if you forget to log out on a cybercafe computer.

Malicious software, including “keyboard loggers” that record all of your keystrokes, has been used to steal passwords and other information.

There are two options here: get the size of individual packages, or get the size of packages and their dependencies. This way it ensures that the files from the CD/DVD/USB take precedence over those in the standard repositories: for more details on its usage.