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14-Jun-2020 14:55

I’m here to guide you through your adventure to find long-lasting love.My BIG goal is to help rid the world of unnecessary loneliness and poor communication.Written by Leslie Christen Leslie Christen is one of Southern California’s most sought-after personal stylists and the founder of the region’s leading independent styling company: Leslie Christen | Life Styling.Leslie’s stylish and educational Web site, Leslie , gives her audience inspiring tips and showcases cutting-edge trends and images on the latest in designer fashions.

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With 25 years of experience in the field and seven years working specifically with amazing clients focusing on dating, love, and relationship issues and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, my mission and commitment are to help you have the relationship of your dreams by helping you to blossom open to receive ever-lasting love. Certainly, I knew other single women my age who weren’t married, but we were all the exception, not the rule. I had discussed my loneliness and sadness about the situation, but I hadn’t gotten anywhere. She worked with me in a way no therapist had ever done before. Friends and acquaintances had always said, “you’re so confident and independent.” Not bad things, but I also wanted to be in a relationship and didn’t always feel so sure of myself. Clients say remarkable things about the impact our work has on the success of their love life. Sharon with helping me to be in my current healthy relationship; without her, I think I would have made some mistakes in how I have handled the very intimate issues that we have already faced.” “My work with you has been so valuable to me…I want to help people into their “meant-to-be” relationships so they feel connected and loved!