Dating nineteenth century

16-Sep-2019 13:33

I have a tough time with that, too, and I’m not sure I buy her explanation that it’s ultimately empowering because Julie was suicidal all along and wanted John to help her self-destruct.

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In the first, and best, and most palpably uncomfortable stage.

There’s an uncomfortable vulnerability to Julie in these scenes, even on the first viewing, because we can see that she’s exposing all her weaknesses to John without knowing.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The strangest part of the movie is the one, glittering moment when they seem to get along[/caption] The second stage of the story comes when John – quite suddenly, almost like he’s gotten fed-up and reached a breaking point – confesses that he’s actually in love with Julie.

John’s happy he wrecked her life and crows over the fact that she’s now just as gross as him.

With the class barrier gone, he now has more power because of his gender, and he slut-shames her for, like, an hour in the middle of the a complicated, if not always very uplifting, exploration of the intersection between class and gender.