Dating signs hes not into you

19-Oct-2019 02:38

"Don't accept excuses that he has to work late or something urgent has come up.Yes, life can get in the way, but serious people work around the obstacles."If you have imagined a possible future between the two of you, and he has stayed silent about it the whole time, he may be a serial dater without much interest in you as a person.

If you feel like your partner isn't putting in the amount of work you'd like, it may be a sign that he's not that into you. Wyatt Fisher, licensed psychologist and marriage counselor, says when you're working harder than he is, it's never good.

Being in a relationship where you feel like you care more than your partner does is the worst.

If you feel like he's just not that into you, often it's because he hasn't made enough of an effort to truly show you that you matter.

That said, sometimes you end up in a situation where someone seemed really cool at first, but as time went on, you felt like you mattered less and less to them.

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In this case, you may have found yourself with the dreaded serial dater: the guy who likes to go on a few dates and then quickly pulls back his interest.

"When communication during the date suffers, so does the depth of connection that can be created, keeping it on a surface level with no chance of going further than just two having fun on dates, which is prime serial dater behavior.”Simply put, to discern whether he might be a serial dater, you should look to whether he's serial-dated women a lot in the past.