Dating without drama net

13-Aug-2020 00:00

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They want a partnership where both people are pulling together to accomplish goals they both share. Most of them do not want to dominate someone else, ridicule someone else or use them to their own purposes at the price of injuring them. Most of them are not playing out a drama from their past in which either the woman or the man comes out on top.

They want to feel that they are so closely tied to someone else that what one person feels, the other one feels also; and what the other person achieves is their achievement also.

But for the reasons they give, they have lost hope.

A Strategy The problem with these all-encompassing views—both sets of views—is that they permit no strategy for fixing the dating problem.

Every once in a while, a reader writes in to remind me that it is possible for single people to live happily.

I know this is true, but these others whom I am writing about do not wish to remain single.

When he/she hears it a second and third time, it becomes annoying. Repeated still again, that opinion becomes convincing, and the lover becomes an ex-lover.

Presumably, they want to meet someone someday and fall in love—and enter into a long-term relationship.Sometimes these opinions come out slowly during the course of a relationship.Someone says to a lover, “I’m not good enough for you.” (No kidding, a number of people have repeated such remarks to me.) At first, the lover may be flattered.What I mean is, can we believe that this woman is really telling us what under cesspool-type conditions?

I saw a woman, Thelma, in psychotherapy twice a week, on Monday and Thursday evenings.

The site, similar to or an E-Harmony (but no alc-y), offers singles a place to find the friendship, support, love, and hope that they’re looking for in a ‘ship.