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02-Oct-2020 20:38

(#noinsomnia) The month of January I consumed so much alcohol I became immune. Which made me think, maybe I had a borderline drinking problem.Aside from consuming ungodly amounts of wine and vodka shots without getting a slight buzz, I had an epiphany; I do not want to look 59, when I am 40, the extra calories negate my workouts, and my tolerance was so high, that I was basically wasting money on the good stuff.I’m like well, I do need to see if they have this book for class. End Side Note)Donny: well can’t you read some other books Me: no, we have specific books Donny: well you can study some other stuff Me: hmmm, nope, I pretty have everything I need except that book, and all of my stuff is at home, so it’s pointless for me to stay Donny: well what are you going to do?

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Bumble was my favorite; I actually met my current boyfriend on there!! So when you say "none of this is really working," do you mean you can't find people to go on dates with, or the people you go on dates with don't work out?

So that was kinda strike #1 in that it turned me off.