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06-May-2020 02:03

I'm pretty sure that's just wishful thinking.

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He had no idea as to how far they had gotten or whether the Pv P-centric and Battle Royale descriptions were in any way accurate.

CARNAGE IN KAEL Centuries of war against the children of Veeshan have made the Kromzek giants master tacticians and warriors of unrivaled strength, but now the power and ruthlessness of their nation has been magnified by the presence of their god, within their very midst!

Intruders to their mountain fortress are sure to be swiftly met with the giants' zealotry and their merciless blades.

On live I'd say its1 assassin2 warlock3 conj4 ranger5 wizard6 necro Played by competent players and in ideal group situations I'd say this is where the dps classes stack vs each other, where are you guys that have gotten time to run heroics stack everyone? However, let's say you were motivated to try to make the space heater look better than it really was.

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The problem is, Warlocks weren't really overpowered.

This is a great discussion to have and the posts will help them understand they now have the same problem with some of the scouts dps and those also will need to be tweaked or adjusted down before To T goes live.