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Elgala has refined, and expensive tastes, which does not suit the austerity demanded by Excel, leading to frequent conflict.is a Excel's "pet" dog that also fulfills the role of "emergency rations".Excel is the hyperactive protagonist and title character, who approaches her work with abundant determination, but little foresight.Her mission is to further Across' city conquest, but her personal desire is to win Il Palazzo affection and praise.Despite his power, he is an object of ridicule among most of his subordinates due to his appearance, mannerisms, and seeming disregard for lives and laws.Unfazed by this, he informs the six members of the Department that they are to assume the role of the Daitenzin, a sentai fighting force.In the original manga, Hyatt joins across by simply answering an advert placed by Il Palazzo; the anime, meanwhile, she is a mysterious princess from space (she comes from planet Mars) with a connection to the Puuchuus and Space Butler.Her curious medical condition is never explained in detail, neither in the manga nor in the anime (although later volumes of the manga hint that Il Palazzo has implanted something in her body that is causing it—and it is implied in the anime that, as she is from Mars, Earth's atmosphere is bad for her lungs).

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Since Elgala is a snob who thinks nearly everyone is below her, these thoughts are often of the disparaging variety and frequently irritate Excel.Despite numerous threats, Excel comes to care for her after a fashion.