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30-Sep-2019 09:48

Most Filipina women aspire to marry a man of European descent to have Caucasian offspring.

This is not the case for every woman, and less prevalent in the upper economic class, but it is a cultural phenomenon.

Men coming from western nations, relish in a culture that respects traditional male and females roles.

Filipinas embody the feminine qualities that our forefathers took for granted. There is a reason that some many Filipina women choose nursing as a profession. Even after working long days, they always have fuel in the tank to be loyal and committed mothers, wives and daughters.

Western countries have become a sexual purgatory for many men. Men from these counties have left their genetic imprint on this nation of tropical islands.

However, does the hype match up with the reality of Filipina women. In fact, I regard Filipina women as the Latinas of Asia.

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More and more older men with resources are flocking to this country for greener pastures.

This southeast Asian country symbolizes the fountain of youth for older men who seek younger companions for sex and relationships.

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