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20-Jul-2020 17:20

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ention the year 2013 to anyone who uses Facebook pages and you’ll likely get the same response: a groan.

That could well be named the Year Organic Reach Died.

) but most people don’t want to take that risk and will pay up.

This scam has been responsible for a few proven suicides.

[I wonder if Quora’s anti scam protection will kill me for this!

]A twist on the Romance scam is the now very common military scam where the person contacting is a serving member of “US MILITARY ON PEACEKEEPING MISSION IN TIMBUKTU” - Generally that one will go in a similar way, building trust until something happens and he needs to get money to pay his daughter’s medical bills in the US but can’t transfer the funds from where he is.

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Using either Facebook ads or a tool like Many Chat, you can set up bots to engage with people via Facebook messenger.

They often use bots to sign up and to seek out the people with searches for (for example) 50-ish year old widows (they know their markets!

I was amazed when I hit about 48 at the sheer amount of romance-scammers I started getting messages from! In these cases, once the automated-mailer/bot gets a reply a real human will follow it up.

The bot then chats on video using pre-recorded girls talking and they record the guy masturbating.

THEN the follow-up switches to a human who will pull the names of the person’s friends, family and work colleagues from Facebook and blackmail them for a few thousand dollars.

Previously, you could only market via messenger to people who had messaged your page OR “opted in” through receiving a freebie or something through messenger. And suddenly, you have a message from that page in Facebook Messenger.