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If you are using Gmail or another webmail client, then by using Google Chrome as your browser you can use Chrome’s powerful “Inspect Element” functionality to temporarily modify the HTML code that displays an email on the screen, then take a screenshot of the displayed email to “prove” that the email has a particular date on it.

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This could provide plausible evidence for a “but I sent it yesterday” claim on your part.

If you have an earlier version of Windows, particularly a server OS such as Windows Server 2000, then you may already have an SMTP server on your PC and all you have to do is turn it on and configure it to send your emails.

However, Windows 10 no longer includes an SMTP server.

We’ve got a walkthrough on how to forward your Outlook email to a Gmail account.

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As I said, this isn’t a simple process and I’ve only given you the very basics here. One of the reasons for that is the ability to track the real time and date of transmission as well as the sender and the email contents.