Gridview updatepanel not updating

11-Nov-2019 01:24

Here is the Selected Index Changed method: It does not seems to be any problem of getting value from dropdown list the reason might be in your giving data source of your combo place load of combo in !

I have an update panel with a Grid View inside of it.

My problem: An Update Panel holds a Drop Down List and a Grid View.

The Grid View populate baseds on a value that is stored in a Label and a value that is selected from a Drop Down List. The Grid View initially populates with data using the value of the default Selected Value of the Drop Down List.

This exclusion for supposition should make the gridview to be binded again. My current solution is redirecting for the same page after the exclusion. Thanks Yep -- you can have nested controls inside a Grid View. Whether it is Google Adsense™, Flash video or banner, ...

What you'll want to-do is create a templated column for the parent Grid View -- and then place the child Grid View within the templatedcolumn.

I wan the disabled row to stay disabled no matter what I did to that gridview. I have a function to disabled selected rows in Page_Load(is working) and I tried to call that function in the On Row Updated command, but it's not working. The first one shows general information and the second one must should detail information about one of the selected rows of the first grid View. The content is stored in a table called Site Content with 4 columns: Content Code, Content Line No, Content Element Type and Content Text.

Andrea Hoo Hi, On itemdatabound event of the gridview , Get the datarow and disable every control of the row. I need to show the detail information when the user selects one of the rows of the first gridview. Without any code, the Delete Link Button of the Grid View was happily deleting rows from the table and refreshing immediately to show the change.

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The weird thing is that it only happens when I try editing or deleting a row.

Grid View to Grid View #2 hi I hav 2 Grid Views..i hav to select some fields from Grid View1 and hav to show in Grid View2can any one explain me how can i do this.C#.reply me immly thanks in advance Harihksmarri Hi,hksmarri : Another similar post from u has been answered. Best Regards,__________________________________________________Sincerely, Rex Lin Microsoft Online Community Support This posting is provided "AS IS" with on warranties, and confers no rights.... Thanks in advance Have a look here Editable Nested Gridview (All in One)Hope that helps Techie (. If the user pages forward or sorts several times and then hits the browser's "back" button they go back to the web page that invoked the grid rather than going back through each of the paging/sorting requests.

Gridview, Gridview, Formview Something is vexing me. Gridview "A" is a simple gridview, gridview "B" is populated off of a Selected Index Changed event of Gridview "A". I am now trying to get it so that when you the Selected Index Changed event fires from Gridview "B", the formview pops up all pretty like. There is nothing in the data screaming out as an issue. Disabled row in Gridview turns enabled when gridview refreshed. Row 1 Enabled Row 2 Enabled Row 3 Disabled Row 4 Disabled Row 5 Disabled When I click to edit and update Row 1/Row 2, the gridview refreshed and all rows are enabled. How to populate a grid View from other gridview Hi, I have to grid Views in my page. Again i want to Edit, Delete and Add new row to these grid. Net Knowledge at its Best)We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.::: Winston Churchill :::...button under gridview under gridview I got gridview under gridview in which one button is there in child gridview how we write code behind button like how to call button event handler Now i have to take a reference of child grid to set the datasource at runtime.... Each row in the the grid contains a link to a another web page which diplays/edits the full details for that item. Delete in Grid View using On Click method not Refreshing Grid View Control Hi, I have added a Grid View control to my Personal Site and am using it to edit the content of the site, which I am storing in an MS Access database.

I would like to have a Link Buton outside of both Grid Views, on click it will basically open all child Grid Views. Thank you100 years live, 100 years learn See if this helps. Retaining gridview page index when gridview is inside an atlas updatepanel I have a gridview inside an atlas updatepanel.

sub Show Hide(sender as Object, e as Command Event Args) ... This works really nicely in that paging and sorting the grid does not cause a full postback of the page and they also do not cause new entries in the browser history.

When attempting to edit, the grid does not switch the view into edit mode.

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