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Indeed, they pretty much share Charles Dickens' moral view, wherein those in the big city who gain power are inevitably corrupted by it.

(I nearly drove off the road several times while shaking with laughter at the parodies of right-wing talk radio – complete with incoherent, anti-immigrant nativists, slavishly pro-government commentators on the Weasel News network and ads for "baby buying" services.)'s men are filled with sexist bluster – particularly when women aren't around – and the Russian and Balkan gangsters are sloppy psychological messes, often because they spent time in war prisons abroad.

LITTLE JACOB’S MISSIONS Jamaican Heat Pick up little Jacob and take him where he wants. Concrete Jungle This is your first chance to do some in-car shooting, but it’s just as easy to run Little Jacob’s competitors over.

Go to the vantage point and wait for dealers – if you stay where you’re told, there’s no chance of them hitting you. After that’s done, take Jacob to the dealers’ house and let him keep them busy while you shoot everyone.

(Rockstar's choice of Eastern European mobsters for this game, actually, adds a nice , because this is the one criminal class left in America that hasn't been glamorized: They're simply scary as shit, in real life as in the game.)Interestingly, Niko is the most likable hero in the series.

He's a curiously cordial dating partner – and you'll go on a lot of dates.

Indeed, in a Hollywood-like cellphone irony, your girlfriend will often call to chat while you're in the middle of a gunfight or car chase.

The game also lets you exercise a bit of your own moral code when you're given a few key opportunities to disobey your gangster bosses.

That's when I stumbled upon a lovely piece of artwork: A huge mosaic of a subway train on the second level.

At one point, I finished a mission on the top floor of a decrepit apartment filled with crack-addled occupants.

I started to head back downstairs to my car, then wondered: "Hey, what's up on the roof?

The game isn't a celebration of gangster life.

never was; for all their bad-boy reputation, Rockstar's designers are adept satirists of American excess.

Use the disarm on Darden to take his knife away and then stab him.