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Like the man my friend met at the Ganges, they may respond to Christ in faith.

Others will likely respond by saying our gods are the same—that Jeremiah is talking about their god Vishnu, Shiva, or the Ganges itself.

Jesus told us he is the source of that living water (John 4; 7) and has given an open invitation to secure salvation for anyone who is spiritually thirsty.Varanasi is considered India’s most holy city for that very reason. There and in other riverside cities considered holy, Hindus perform rituals with the sole aim to gain something.Pilgrimage to the Ganges is often largely engineered toward acquiring blessings relating to anything from fertility to finances to good fortune. Hindus wade in waist-deep, scoop water in their hands or in a bowl, then pour it back out into the river while saying a mantra or a prayer to a god.Many are confident in their spiritual journey and are open to dialoguing about matters of faith.

Others come in a desperate, last-resort attempt to have a divine interaction that can change the course of their eternity.

Rather than debate, ask what they personally would seek at the Ganges River, then pray with them in Jesus’s name.