Invalidating car insurance

27-Jan-2020 12:29

On the odd occasion when Brits see sunshine, insurers don’t suddenly give you a free pass to relax the security.

According to Axa, an estimated 10 million people plan to drive their cars abroad this summer.

Not everyone is familiar with the technical names of door locks.

Plenty of people would look bored when you say ‘five lever Mortice Deadlock’, and they could be forgiven.

All the precautions you’ll need to take are detailed in your policy documents so read them carefully to make sure you know what you need to do.

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Think you've got the right insurance policy for your needs? Here are 13 ways you could be invalidating your car, home, travel or life insurance policies.

Your beloved pooch may love sticking its head out the window when you’re driving, but it could prove costly for you.