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Reolink Argus 2 is a 100% wire-free battery-powered P2P Wi Fi Camera and it can be set up in a minute.

After scanning QR code on the back, voice prompt walks you through the whole setup and Wi Fi settings.

In camera speak, there is a UID (unique ID) assigned to each camera.

When the smartphone app is opened, it pings the P2P server which in turn looks for the listed UIDs and where they are located.

And that means, not only you, but also your family members can access your P2P home IP camera simultaneously to steam the live feed.

(Click here to learn the detailed procedures.) As P2P networks are highly stable, you can view the P2P IP HD cameras on your smartphone or Windows/Mac without constantly suffering from significant video delay or connection failure.

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It can be accessed by i OS, android and windows apps.Features: To deepen your understanding of P2P IP cameras, here we've rounded up some frequently asked questions for your reference.