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’ whereby, he played the lead role as a protagonist which was followed by his starring in ‘Casualty’ and ‘Miranda’.In 2008, Luke got his breakthrough which he was waiting for so long.It seems that Luke Pasqualino girlfriend does not exist at the moment and this is understandable because he is still trying to make his way in the show business.It looks like the time that he has first auditioned in order to make it into the television series Skins he was number 5,282 and he keeps this number up until this day, because at first he thought that he would never make it, because there were a lot of people who wanted to get into this television series.This British actor also portrayed Elvis Harte in the BBC show ‘Our Girl’ and is currently playing the role of DCP Jimmy in the 2017 film ‘Solar Eclipse: Depth of Darkness’.Born in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom, Luke Pasqualino was raised in the family with 3 members: father, Pep Pasqualino, mother, and a sister Natalie Pasqualino.Even though Luke’s character in the television series seems to be really outgoing and the television series might seem shocking for people in real life Luke is not like this and this might be another reason that there is no Luke Pasqualino girlfriend, because he does not like to get into relationship with girls that he is not planning to be with in the future.Further when the filming of this television series began Luke was shocked himself, because of the content of it.

They never opened about their relationship details as public and thus there is nothing much about their past history.They made their relationship public as they were spotted enjoying together at many events.