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“Secret Conservative Side” is a phrase a friend of mine once used, and that particular song sprang up from many different weddings and wedding stories friends told me.“Pantsuit” came about because my butch partner was wondering what to wear to a black tie event, and I suddenly started wondering about and canvassing friends about situations in which a pantsuit was, in fact, the answer to their wardrobe problems.Emily: The shirt isn’t in rotation, but it does have a place in my heart (and in my PJ drawer), and I do bust it out at the Dyke March whenever I can.Its sentiments should be in a song, though they aren’t yet connected to one.

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And we got laminates and a swag bag and got to sit in the tents with all the drag queen MCs! I sometimes get some input — my hipster-dating sister gave me valuable insight for “Listen, Sister Don’t Date a Hipster” — but usually I will have an idea for how I want a song to sound and what I want it to be about and I play around (and record it) until it gets to where I am happy with it.One other aspect of our fan base that I love is how mixed it is the only group more excited about the “Pantsuit” lyrics — “Get your dyke on, be an icon, you’ll look super cute / there’s no glass ceiling when you’re dealing with a power suit” — than the lesbians is my mom and her lady friends.

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