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05-Apr-2020 18:31

This may be either in root-cause analysis to identify, say, large fluctuations in measurements from defined parameters that suggest component failure or in unexplained deviations from normal patterns that may signify environmental issues or perhaps a more insidious cyber threat that complementary analytics may investigate further.The VEE process is therefore applied to incoming data so that the data can be certified and used in analytics.This involves comparing sensor data from multiple sensors and determining which sensor readings to use, or using some formula, like estimating the average, to derive a reading to be used.For applications that need data for analysis or billing, even when data quality is suspect or missing, the data will need to be estimated or edited.Estimation is where values of missing, or invalid, readings are created according to a configurable set of rules and properties.Editing is used when manual verification and editing of certain readings is required.It is used in those rare cases where missing or invalid data cannot automatically be corrected, for example when there is insufficient data upon which an estimate can be based.Kx for Sensors implements a number of estimation algorithms that permit the fair and manageable handling of missing data under the many real-world circumstances that can arise.

It scales to support millions of sensors, and trillions of records, and is optimized for event processing, calculations, aggregations, alerting and reporting.

At the same time, Mc Kinsey found serious capability gaps that could limit an enterprise’s Io T potential.