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16-Sep-2020 06:40

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I went along with it for one date, not looking anything something serious.In the end, I got a bad feeling about it and cut him off.Tepper, “only gets your hopes up” about someone who might turn out to be “shallow and when they find out about your disability, they're like, ‘Can’t deal with that.’ So I say we put a little bit in your profile somewhere, not hide it nor highlight it.”A few weeks later, I went on another Tinder date.

(To him, it must have been, since after that he ghosted me.)Keeping one’s disability a “secret” until meeting in person or until further along in the relationship, adds Dr.

Remembering how my first round of dates went, I decided to tweak my bio. “I’ve contemplated putting that out here, but honestly I can’t deal with any more jerks, so please save us both the time and message me only if you’re interested.

I’m completely functional in all aspects, including ‘down there.’”A handful of guys messaged me to say they admired me for being a “badass” about it.

As soon as I disclose my disability to potential dates, one of the first questions they often ask is if I’m capable of performing sexual activities. Does having a disability, or at least revealing it, need to be a deal-breaker on dating apps?

Every person with a disability is different, but able-bodied people often have a one-size-fits-all notion of them; they often mistakenly think people with disabilities aren’t capable of independence or being sexually active. “I think [disclosure of your disability] needs to be written on your profile and there needs to be pictures that show you have a disability,” wrote Dr.

But when we met, it became alarmingly clear that he had never seen someone in a wheelchair before.