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08-Feb-2020 09:55

If someone is avoiding eye contact, it usually means one of two things - they're not interested, or they're very shy. This is one of the more annoying, but very telling types of non-verbal communication.Eye contact alone is not enough to determine whether or not someone is interested, but it's a good first indicator. When someone is shifting in their chair, looking around, looking at their watch etc., they are telling you their mind is somewhere else, and that other things are more important than being with you. This is a very strong indicator of where the other person is at.If you are a woman, you can pull your hair back or tuck it behind your ear.This is a three step nonverbal cue that will bedazzle your person of interest.Also, you may want to leave behind your wing-woman/wing-man if that person is the “mother hen.” The mother hen tends to be a bit over-protective; men don’t need a background check when first approaching you, don’t let “mother hen” send him away from you.Instead, go alone to the bar and get a drink or take a friend who is fun and can create conversation to help the flow of your first meeting. He is a dating expert in non-verbal communication, who specializes in body language, micro-expressions, and lie deception as they relate to relationships and love.

The smile should be closed mouth when the head is down, but when you pick your head up you can open your mouth to show teeth.

In a new or pre-relationship, there's really no excuse for this behaviour, and it means exactly what it feels like - they're not really interested. If someone has crossed their arms or turned their body away from you and appears quite stiff, it doesn't look good.

You are literally seeing a physical representation of their emotions written all over their body - they're not open to interacting with you.

So by drawing attention to your mouth, you are creating an automatic response, triggering your target to approach you and start a conversation.

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If you want attention from that special someone, make your lips the focal point.There's a lot going on in the moment - our senses can be on overload when we're in the presence of someone we're attracted to, and it's easy to misread what they're "saying"... Good eye contact is a sign that someone is showing a certain comfort level.