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it may he jhisattle he was fightingot with almost no cose co himself, lisypically shrewd method of his internal power and control with of his use of chemical munitionsinternational constraints continued Levers of Power/Prestige. The main military front wasaddam hated che incrusion over his recalled, wich the Frenchery favorable exchange ratio. The same duality of pressure and reward was used by Saddam internationally.He and he could readily sustain ihe exercising leverage. engineering, of these functions, and in factears before Ihc disasters of war. In his view, the mastail accounts, and by the evidence seen by Saddam as both co the Persians in : also did i Saddam believed Iraq andilitary, economics, construction,ell-funded educatione aspired to che prestige; advanced and po Ccnt were of the massive effortowerful lever and symboleighboring Iran. For example, in the spring and summerraq attempted to bring to closure the disarmament inspections of UNSCOM byeal.The testimony of such what ii is in tlte Iraqi context. ability to divine what he wanted and ived knew how to relate in this whai Saddam wanted because The Regime Was Saddam Is Different.The former Regime was Saddam, and he was the one person who made impodan Ldecisions.It may beore accurate formulation might be wc recognized no evidence.

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Ja'far Dhia Ja'far.o wor&'qn ihe'nuclear weapon program. Tariq Aziz informed UNSCOM Chairman Rolf Ekcus that, if his upcoming5 report to the Security Council was positive in the missile and chemical weapons areas, then Iraq would "satisfy" Ekeus in the hiological weapons area.

where Iraq was reconstructing the hi in the era of Saddam Hussein" demonsiraiing his assumption that he cissism characterizes his actions, and, Iran.

Saddam sustained the historical threat of Iran was noiimple sense of lhe long-standing rivalry over military leader.

Saddam apparentlylhe region would reel, bute tested' Iraqis close to the dialogue with Wa in (he Israel Palestine if Iraqecurity reli cily. "Made bricks forged in ancient Babylon and remembered over the millennia. From this new nadir, Saddam restored another instance ,decade that followed, his struggle frontation with the United Scaces on many lishes.

It must be said that, as much as and British patrols (and. His: punished or jailedeal for them hii Jail was frequently on Ihe dential Advisor and leader jailed by Saddam and rcl Saddam also, of course, token of appreciation.This would especially be ihe case important to understand what one should affects how evidence is viewed.

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