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08-Apr-2020 23:03

Someone would just have to set up an alternative site. If America had its way and owned the world, everything you do would be taxed and charged, everything would be privatized and overpriced, everything in life would be regimented and mechanized, rules would be strict and anal retentive, everyone would be soulless and only care about money, and only the rich could have a house on the beach or have free time. Look at the immigrants in NYC that come from friendly open relaxed countries. -oe-prank/Actually you've been banned for a very long time. My employers pulled out on the deal when they realised what a complete bastard Mandi is. It wouldn't be necessary in OE's case, since it is already a feminist forum, but in other cases it would be quite a good and probably relatively cheap strategy.

However, working for the scum on an ongoing basis as Shaw appears to be doing is another matter. When they live in NY, they become soulless, nasty, hustling and only cares about making money. Especially since America considers this to be normal and that there's nothing wrong with it.

“Very interesting, very fun, when you’re young, you chase bad guys and arrest them, it’s an adventure,” said Marshall, who was divorced, remarried and is now a widower.

“I’m not happy if I do the same thing for too long,” he said.

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Join my Ukrainian/Russian Women Dating Site to meet thousands of legit foreign girls at low cost! Look at the nasty asshole comments they wrote about us on OE at the link above. Indeed, but I'll move it to the public forum for a while because I really don't think they'll ever figure it out unless they're shown they've been owned.The Orient Express stopped serving Istanbul in 1977 when the service was shortened and the fabled train made its last journey in December 2009.