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Many people think that child pornography cases involving the distribution, receipt, or possession of child pornography are not that serious because these offenses do not involve an actual victim. 2252 These cases are very serious even in state court today.

Whereas the production of child pornography usually involves the use of actual children, the possession and distribution of child pornography do not. Many counties in the state of California, for instance San Francisco and Alameda Counties, used to routinely charge these crimes as misdemeanors that carried very little jail time, if any.

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Then begin your simple gay chat by clicking on the section you desire, and you will automatically connect to the chat platform where you can start meeting hot guys from around the world.The Department of Justice reports a 2,500 percent increase in child pornography-related arrests over the last 10 years.While there are many factors that draw everyday people to child pornography, the technological advances of the internet and the proliferation of Peer to Peer (P2P) networks have made it very easy to obtain and share or distribute child pornography, sometimes without even knowing it is happening.Some P2P programs allow users to configure their shared folders in order to restrict what files to share and with whom.

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However, the FBI has developed a program called “EP2P” which allows it to see all of a user's shared files, and may even have the ability to change the shared file's settings.

Anyone with a computer connected to the internet can obtain an unlimited amount of illegal images or videos with the click of a mouse.