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They slowly strip her: gloves, skirt, blouse, shoes and all. It is at this moment when Chin opened her eyes and sighed the film’s opening lines: “” Even as early as its 7-minute mark, Bernal establishes his story about one’s scrambling journey to the top and the tragedies that await in one’s dreams.By the end of the opening scene, Chin is back in the same gripped frame, however this time, bare and exposed. As she climbs the stairs to her bedroom, Bernal strategically positions his camera at the top of the staircase and we see Chin drag herself as she climbs. Bernal positions his camera again in his strategic position on the top of the staircase and we watch Pinggoy climb the same path laboriously. And so as promised, Bernal tells how Chin made her way up from a regular striptease to becoming the movie star Paloma Miranda .The scene captures it all: the decadence of the Martial Law regime, along with its perverse aspirations to art, has doomed the destinies of Filipinos.

He studied at Burgos Elementary School, Mapa High School and at the University of the Philippines where he finished his Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 1959.

These include Pagdating sa Dulo, Nunal sa Tubig, Manila By Night, Himala and Hinugot sa Langit.

He was also hailed as Director of the Decade by the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA).

Both Bernal and Gomez take their time, and we watch Chin painfully scramble as she walks up to her bedroom. Pinggoy, her lover also got his break as a sexy actor and eventually made a name for himself.

She drags herself to her bedroom and undresses, drinks a shot of bedside brandy and lies down. But as the story unfolds, the ugly face of show business creeps in and strains our characters.

In that same year, Bernal was chosen by the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino as the Most Outstanding Filmmaker of the Decade 1971-1980.