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(do not forget the Q & A below with more details about the Gilgamesh Epic) I recently viewed a documentary claiming that ancient tablets (older than OT manuscripts) were found in Iraq, telling a story almost identical to Noah’s…and that the soil there showed signs of an ancient flood as well (unlike the land around Mount Ararat).For example, in Gilgamesh, a god speaks to a man Utnapishtim in a dream, telling him to constuct a boat because of a great flood which is coming.Although the stories are not identical (for example, when God spoke to Noah, it was not in a dream) there is obvious parallel to the biblical flood account.I am copying and pasting an article on the parallels between the Gilgamesh Epic and the Genesis flood account.The question naturally arises: Where did these obvious parallels arise?If one takes Abraham to be the father of the Jewish nation, as supported by the Bible, then one can assume that the Gilgamesh Epic is older than the written, Jewish version of the story which is found in the Bible, as Abraham died somewhere around 1850 BC.

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Both were formed in the cultural context of Mesopotamia. The local religion of Mesopotamia finds its way into Genesis indirectly, for example when Laban chased Jacob down in an attempt to get back his household gods.The epic was almost certainly composed before 2000 BC.It has been estimated by some to be based on a tradition as old as 3000 BC.The parallels are not just a figment of the imaginations of scholars.

The parallels between the Gilgamesh Epic and the Genesis flood story are really striking. Both have a man building a large boat and saving his family and a number of animals on the boat. ' I usually know if it's horrible...' The 40-year-old star was a passenger in a vintage muscle car that went off Mulholland Highway and rolled down an embankment, a collision report says.

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