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14-Oct-2020 15:03

The keys are quirkyalone words and phrases such as "," and the criteria that you have an intense desire for a great love relationship and a vulnerability to love songs.Consider, too, the last lines of Sasha's initial essay: "when one quirkyalone finds another, oooh la la.It was picked up by the Utne Reader, then barreled into more of the mainstream media.I've never met Sasha, but she and I have been on radio shows together, probably around Valentine's Day.

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But it's not the same as being "single at heart."Quirkyalone, I think, was a wonderful prelude to my own work such as Singled Out and Single with Attitude.

(The online version is different.) There are some quiz questions to which I'd happily answer yes.

They are questions that could easily fit within the "single at heart" framework.

If you describe to them who you really are, they may wonder whether there is something wrong with you and ask you weird questions.

You can try to enlighten them, but if that seems like too tall a challenge, just tell them you are quirkyalone. what I'm nonplussed by with the description of Quirkyalones is that there is still a binary, all-or-nothing approach to life.

For example: "Do you treat life as one big choose-your-own adventure; there is no single road map for adulthood?