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31-Jan-2020 11:12

Unless a magma ocean has a thick insulating crust, or atmosphere, above it, heat loss to space causes cooling and crystallization of the magma in a few million years or less—a time that is short relative to the chronological resolution of many radioactive clocks used to determine the age of rocks.

If they formed by direct crystallization of the lunar magma ocean, the rocks of the highlands crust should show little variation in age, corresponding to the date of magma ocean crystallization.

Scientists had to modify the theory to account for the anomalies by adding in late volcanism. The restricted areal distribution of KREEP could reflect the presence of a KREEP layer beneath the whole crust that was only excavated to the surface by impacts large enough to penetrate through the crust.The analysis of lunar samples returned to Earth by the Apollo and Luna missions changed our view of the processes involved in planet formation.The data obtained on lunar samples brought to light the importance during planet growth of highly energetic collisions that lead to global-scale melting.: But among the anorthosite, there were detectable abundances of potassium (K), rare-earth elements (REE), and phosphorus (P).

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These elements should have been (in theory) in the magma below the crust that floated.It takes an outsider to recognize that the puzzle pieces don’t quite fit reality.